A sustainable future starts with all of us

We’ve got €10,000 worth of growing prizes to give away this summer. Register for a chance to win a Community GROWBox – a one-of-a-kind seed library to inspire friends and neighbours to start growing.
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Energia Get Ireland Growing

Energia Get Ireland Growing in partnership with GIY aims to make it easy for you to grow your own vegetables at home and in your community and to help power a more sustainable future.

We’re on a mission to get as many people across Ireland growing their own food. Over the summer months we’ll be giving away €10,000 worth of food growing prizes, including Community GROWBoxes – one-of-a-kind seed libraries to inspire friends and neighbours to start growing – and a community garden worth €3,000, awarded to the most inspiring community of growers at the end of the summer.

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We know that starting to grow some of your own food can be a bit daunting. But to help you on your way we’ve created some useful resources that will help you on your growing journey.

Grow big or grow home