It’s In Our Nature.

Energia Get Ireland Growing is all about getting back to growing food. It’s about putting a new spin on this age-old activity, recapturing the skills and reaping the rewards of something inherently in our nature.
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Energia Get Ireland Growing Day

Energia Get Ireland Growing in partnership with GIY aims to make it easy for you to grow your own vegetables at home and in your community.

It’s also about reconnecting with nature, which goes hand in hand with growing food. From the weather forecast and the earthworms in the soil (the more the merrier), to providing adequate food and shelter for pollinators, food growing shows us how important it is to understand and appreciate the world’s resources.

Get involved!

  1. Nominate a Get Ireland Growing Champion
  2. Download the free GIY app and take our Get Ireland Growing Challenges
  3. Join us (virtually!) for Get Ireland Growing Day on June 19th and celebrate the joy of food growing

Join Energia and GIY on our mission to bring food growing back to the heart of Irish life. Let’s nurture what’s in our nature and Get Ireland Growing again.

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Peas to meet you


We know that starting to grow some of your own food can be a bit daunting. But to help you on your way we’ve created some useful resources that will help you on your growing journey.

Grow big or grow home