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Have a chance to win one of 1,000 free GROWBoxes with all the kit you need to start growing amazing veg, herbs and wildflowers. Our first batch of winners will be announced very soon.

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What's a GROWBox?

This handy kit puts everything you need to start growing into a simple box. It’s got loads of seeds, pots and a compost block with easy-to-digest resources that takes all the mystery out of starting a veg patch. As well as the herb and vegetable seeds, the GROWBox also includes a bag of Irish wildflower beebombs which help re-create bee habitats and are vital to help the threatened species survive.

Each pack contents include:

  • 5 x seed packs: beetroot, carrot, peas, mixed oriental greens and basil
  • 1 x hessian bag of Irish wildflower beebombs (15/bag)
  • Dehydrated compost block (just add water!)
  • Fibre seed trays
  • Rice husk pots
  • Get Ireland Growing tips and recipe cards

Explore the full GROWBox range here!

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